Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Shnucks Fiasco

On the night of UFC 100 I had just two main desires. For the event itself I just wanted to see Bispings face get smashed in. The other goal was to have a delicious grilled gourmet angus burger. Only one of these things got accomplished...

It all started pretty early, we would be getting together to have a few beers and throw some burgers on the grill before the fights. Bring your own food and beer. Seeing as we had neither, a trip to the grocery store was in order.

this was not going to be the typical visit to Shnucks, normally we go with a minimal list and spend at least an hour wandering around the store trying to plan out the meals for the week.
This time we had a plan, gourmet burgers or bust.

We headed straight to the meat counter and stood mesmerized by the amazing choices. Did we want jalapeno & spicy jack? Cajun blue cheese? Portbello & swiss? Bacon & cheddar? They all looked delicious.

I guess it was apparent we were having issues deciding because the meat counter guy (meat packer?) came over and started going on about how he loved these things. Naturally we asked his recommendation, after praising them all he confided that his favorite was probably the cajun burger with blue cheese. Sounded good to us. As we walk away with from the meat counter with our slobber inducing burgers the meat packer had one last recommendation. "those burgers are a little large for regular buns, one of those big rolls from the bakery makes a great bun"
Thanks again. Sounds like fire.

After picking up a case of Inbev light, we head to the front of the store to check out, in record time no less. This is when the trouble begins.

We survey the checkout lines. Two possible choices.

Aisle #1: An elderly couple paying by check. Not only are they old and paying by check, they don't appear to be in any sort of hurry. As shown by the fact that they are in what would have to be called an animated conversation with a group of store employees.
Aisle #2: Has the light on, but no person standing behind the counter.

Easy choice right? We head to Aisle 2. Usually someone would see us walk up to the empty que and come check us out. It didn't happen. I assumed the checkout person was in the group talking to the old people. I assumed right, I looked over to their group to be hit with an uninterested look by what turned out later to be the cashier for the empty register.

After a bit of a stare-down/standoff I broke down and left the empty line and got in line behind the old couple.

At this point I am going to mention something that wouldn't get brought up, but in this case it has relevance to the story. The group of employees and the elderly couple were all African Americans. Back to the story.

So we get in line behind the old people and begin the wait for them to process a check. About this time, another African American lady with a cart full of grocery's (keep in mind we have 3 items) walks up to the empty register. Immediately the lady who gave me the disinterested look breaks from the group discussion and checks this other woman out.

Right away I was pissed. We had walked away from that aisle not 30 seconds before that happened. I started whispering to my fiancee.
"racism, we just got discriminated against" She agrees that it was fucked up but not much to be done about it and it wasn't that big of a deal.

"bullshit, if it was the other way around it would be a huge deal"

To make matters worse; A few minutes after this bigotry occurred a power surge went through the store. The lights were only off for the blink of an eye but that was enough to shut all the registers down. Right as we are checking out our three items. If the cashier had broken off her conversation with her friends as quickly for us as she did for the black lady that came up later we would have been out the store.

By now I am pretty angry. Instead of being a quick trip to the store we are stuck waiting for registers to come up. The employees didn't help this situation.


I know everyone gets a bit excited when we don't have to work, But this was crazy. In a group of probably 25-30 customers the cashiers and baggers are throwing a party. Not only that when the manager comes around to instruct them on resetting the machines, half of them refuse!

We wait for the machines to reset. All the while the employees are getting giddy because the systems are down. They keep urging us to go to Save-A-Lot.

After much debate we finally take the hint and get out of there. (we were really craving the burgers!)


We head to Save-A-Lot and wander around the store trying to find something to grill. Nothing looks nearly as good as the burgers we had. We also couldn't just buy two burgers, ended up having to buy 4 burgers and 8 buns.

The story isn't over there. After our last experience with a cashier we decide to go the route of self checkout. There is only one rule of self checkout: If you don't know how to use the self checkout machine, you do not get to use it.

there are 2 people in front of us in the self checkout, 8 items total. should be quick.

The only line with a cashier has someone buying two cart loads of grocery's, no way can that beat the self checkout. Right?!?!

Wrong. This guy can't seem to grasp the concept. He scans his yogurt. The machine tells him to place item in bag. He stands there with the yogurt still in his hand, staring at the computer like it had somehow started speaking in tongues. "dur dur dur what do I do"


I am not joking with you, it took this guy just as long to scan his 5 items as it takes the tranny cashier to check out two cart loads...

When we see the cashier finishing the transaction and the retard still scanning his 5 items, we switch lines. Uh-OH now the tranny is having problems giving change.

We look back to the self checkout to see that special ed is gone but has been replaced by big momma. Big momma is buying 33 cent dvd's. 3 of them to be exact and this big heffer can't get them scanned either. She ends up requiring manager assistance. We finish checking out our items about the time the manager emerges from the back to help big momma scan her last dvd.

To summarize, Shnucks is racist, and the dredges of society shop at Save-A-Lot.

I plan on writing a sternly worded letter to Shnucks. If they give me some free shit and an ass kissing I will consider shopping there again.

That's it for now. Enjoy your weekend!

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