Saturday, November 14, 2009

ln (e^mreah) = mreah

This does not make sense.Chewbacca

In the weeks and months since I last spoke to you, things have been crazy.
Not crazy in a bald Britney kind of way, more like crazy like the end of Fight Club where he shoots himself in the face and the city blows up but it all seems to be a good thing in the end. (ok maybe not exactly like that)

It has been a crazy Fantasy Football season so far. My team is in 6th place but has the 3rd most points total. I must have angered the fickle fantasy gods. I feel as if it has to even out in the home stretch and hopefully I can make a playoff run. I am 3-6 and yet the outlook is sunny. I still have players I believe in and a few weeks left to make up ground.

I have 2 bits of advice for those seeking some semi-professional fantasy advice.

1.) Do not. I repeat. DO NOT sleep on Calvin Johnson. He has underperformed much of this season (some of that is due to his missing some games). All I ask is that you remember that when healthy, Megatron is a transforming super robot playing among mere humans. It doesn't matter who is throwing him the ball, It doesn't matter the double and triple coverage. This robot in disguise has more talent and physical tools than any receiver in the league. Think of it this way. Some mad scientist went into a lab, mixed the genetics of Randy Moss and T.O with the most advanced nano-technology never created and 20 something years later we have Calvin Johnson.

I categorize Calvin Johnson under the Paul Kariya theory. You see back in the day, I was sure that Paul Kariya was actually a hockey playing cyborg built by Disney to draw attention to the under appreciated Mighty Ducks franchise. He never sweat, he played with pin-point precision. He never slept, just powered down at night.

The NFL needed something for the Detroit Lions, hence Megatron was created. Needless to say, with the trade deadline looming he is a great buy low candidate.

2.) Steven Jackson, while not a super human robot, is the 20 year old highschool senior dominating pre-pubcent boys with his pure power. In our sole win this season. Steven Jackson went back to his childhood and started dragging grown men around like they were rugrats. At the beginning of the season, If I were to ask you "How many touchdowns will SJ39 have at the end of the season?" you would have said 6 at least. I still think he finishes with those touchdowns, so be on the look out for a multiple game touchdown streak in the near future. I doubt you will be able to get him, but if you can snoozle Steven Jackson before the deadline you will not regret it

Check back for end of the season draft grades for our Point per reception point per completion league as the season closes.

Lack of updates

I suck, I know this.

In my defense my wedding is getting closer and things are starting to get a bit hectic. My math class is a little harder than I thought it would be and we are beginning the house hunt thanks to an extended tax credit for first time home buyers. I sure am going to need that honeymoon.

Till next time as Bas Rutten would say "God speed and party on!"


Fish said...

I too am 3-6, and have gotten there a much different way. Yes Calvin Johnson is a genetic freak, but the hockey player I would compare him to is Lindros. Yes, freakish, but will he deliver on the potential?

My top RB? Clinton Portis. I was able to get Beanie Wells on waivers and Jamaal Charles as a FA. And I have Drew Brees (GEAUX SAINTS!!) With that being said, when I said I wanted "the good Steve Smith" at our draft, I didn't know that I was really asking for the Giant lol

thedoctor said...

The blog LIVES!!!

I didn't understand the title, so I watched the clip. It took me a minute afterwards to finally get it.

Now I feel depressed due to the fact that it took me so long lol.