Thursday, September 3, 2009

The "Hard Knocks" Phenomenon

One of the things I have noticed in the last few years since HBO started airing "Hard Knocks" is that inevitably the show makes you think that the team is on the brink of making the next step. As with everything produced by NFL films, this show makes you think the team is and/or was a whole lot better than they really are/were. This makes for great entertainment and a compelling show. It does not make for useful fantasy football advice.

I am guilty of this myself, every mock draft Ochocinco, Chris Henry, Cedric Benson, and Carson Palmer all seem to start creeping up my list. Don't get me wrong. Ochocinco is better than he was last year. Chris Henry is a touchdown machine but the one handed grabs they show on Hard Knocks makes you think he is the second coming of Randy Moss. He is not. His best year was 2006 and he only caught 36 balls for 605 yards ( he did have 9 td's though)

I am still feeling the effects of last years show on the Cowboys as I ended up with Martellus Bennett on one of my teams!

Keep this in mind on draft day. I'm off to see when "NFL Films presents the 2008 Lions" airs.

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