Monday, September 28, 2009

Podcast Episode 5 - Week 3 In Review

Week 3 in review plus Monday Night predictions with Dr. Wang and Tom Potts.

Topics include:

Tony Romo over under 39 points on Monday?

Stepdads vs T-baggn Whiteys
129 147
DeAngelo Williams
Jason Witten Roy Williams

18 point difference

Top fantasy producers:

Peyton 24 for 379 for 4 td's and 1 pick 60 points
MJD 35 points on 119 rushing yards 3 tds 4 recp 28 yards 35 points
Santana Moss 10 for 178 1 td 43points Bonus points
Vernon Davis 7 for 96 2 td's 28 points

Are Santana Moss and Vernon Davis for real?

Lock of the week: Giants only 7% picked them

Is Tampa Bay the worst team in the league?


Rams, Browns, Chiefs

Miami Dolphins

Winless Titans

Notice we aren't mentioning the Lions

Undefeated teams

3-0 Denver Broncos



Tpizzle said...

I can't believe I said that the Lions would win five games..... Idiot! I think they'll do well and at this point they're prolly better than the Rams, but five games may be pushing it!

TimC said...

Can't believe I'm just now listening to this, wish I would have listened earlier. Very informative. Didn't do any more I guess?