Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Make a Statment...

White people are supposed to be scared of minorities

It is just one of those things. What do you call them? Oh yes, stereotypes. Some of the common white people stereotypes are that we can not dance, we listen to 60s swing music, and that we are afraid of minorities.

When I say minorities, I am talking about everyone that wouldn't be considered a cracker. Those minorities know/think this about us and some of them act on it or attempt to "act hard" or "punk" you into thinking that they actually will do something. Kinda like a scare tactic.

What you have to do to counter-act this scare tactic is to act like a crazy, insane, inbreed, white mother fucker so they know that you are one of those white serial killers types. Therefore, they will not mess with you. Ask any minority, especially a brother, about fucking with a crazy white boy.

There response will be something along the lines of....

"Fuck no...you ever see a brother serial killer? You ever seen a brother kidnap someone, put them in their basement, and scream at them to PUT THE LOTION ON THE SKIN!!! No way I'm messing with one of those crazy white people."

Its stories like this that they get that opinion of us.

5 dead, 10 injured in gym shooting

White dude goes into a LA Fitness gym. Goes to the Latino dance class. Puts down his gym back, turns off the lights and unloads 20+ shots with his gun.


White people are nuts....and this story is a true tragedy.

Use this stereotype to your advantage

Anyway, when I first moved into my apartment complex, I noticed that my girlfriend and I were a small percentage of the white people that lived there...maybe 5%. The rest of the complex was either black or hispanics.

So one day I pull up to my apartment and notice about 5 brothers standing outside, just hanging out. I made eye contact and they gave me that look like "What you lookin at fool?"

I immediately put my phone up to my ear and pretended I was having a conversation with my girlfriend. Now...this was a total stunt...my phone wasn't even powered on...I was using it as a prop in this stunt.

I get out of my car yelling, screaming, cursing, make death threats to her and her family, and basically trying to act as insane as I could. This group of brothers were about 15 yards away and after about 30 or so seconds of having this fake conversation I start walking towards them.

Making eye contact with them the whole way (still having my pretend, insane phone conversation) and ask them for a lighter.

The look on these people faces was fucking priceless. I almost started laughing and ruined the whole thing, but I kept it together and lit my cigarette. I gave it back to him, turned around and started walking away saying the following...

"Bitch I wish you would take me to court...I will fucking kill you and your kids! Think IM PLAYING!"

I then hung up the phone and stormed inside my apartment laughing my ass off for a good 5 minutes.

Oh yes....

Take that in for a second
Misson completed - Message sent

Now these people think that I am some crazy white boy and they are not going to mess with me. I have lived there for 2 years and I didn't have a problem until just a few weeks ago...

The Message in action...

I walked outside my apartment a few weeks ago because I heard alot of people right outside and I wanted to see what was going on. To my surprise, there was about 20-25 black people standing around bull shitting and acting a fool. I would have to say the average age was around 17.

Right when I get to my car, one of them breaks from the group and jumps on my trunk. I immediately flip out, but not as much as I wanted too...I mean hell...there was like 20 of them and I didn't want to get jumped.

The guy claimed that someone else was chasing him with a gun...unlikely story in my opinion. He was just trying to punk me. Lets punk this white dude so I look cool in front of my friends. Well, I started cursing at this dude and walking towards him.

IMMEDIATELY, three guys from the crowd (the same people that I played my crazy white boy trick on) jump in saying that they don't want any trouble and that he was just playing around.

"My bad cuz, my bad cuz, that dudes retard homie"

Is what they were saying to me to try and defuse the situation. I didn't say anything....I just got my cigarette and sat down on my patio looking pissed as hell.

A few minutes later the police showed up and broke up the crowd.

What did we learn today class?

Stereotypes are everywhere, you can't get upset when someone throws you into a category, its human nature. No matter how true stereotypes are, we are all individuals and we are ALL different.

So if you know you are going to be in a situation where you think that you are going to get labeled a certain stereotype....make a statement.

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