Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Strip Club Adventure, Blogging difficulties

Strip Club Adventure
This past weekend was pretty wild. One of my best friends was without his significant other and wanted to go crazy. Drunkenness ensues, followed by a 2am trip to the titty bar!

The strip club is a funny place. Huge contrast between the enthralled face of the customers and the bored face's of the strippers themselves. I hadn't noticed this as much the first time I went. Also never noticed how quickly they snatch money from your hand =). I remember a couple of priceless moments from the evening.

My friend Tom is there getting a lap dance from a very talented young lady. He is fully engrossed in this lap dance. I don't think a fire in the building would have taken his eyes off that shaking rack. I guess she was propositioning him for a private dance when she said "you remind me of Drew Carey"

He snapped out of his trance so fast I thought he was going to fall out of his chair.
I think this was the same stripper, who after guiding his hands all over her breasts, decided to take her turn and massage his...
"That's not hot" he barked.
He seemed kinda pissed, After the Drew Carey comment she tried to back track and said.
"I mean I think you look like Drew Carey and I find him attractive"
needless to say, he did not pay her for a private dance.
Strippers... not known for the quick wit.

It really was a funny scene.

The other moment that comes to mind was one of the lap dances my fiance got. Have you ever noticed the girls always get a better lap dance? After an extensive lap dance for 4 dollars this stripper takes my fiance's glasses off so that she can rub her tittys in my fiance's face. After some hot motor-boating she goes to hand my gal's glasses back to her. Before that happens though, she rubs both lenses all over her breasts and nipples! That isn't hot. Not only is it not hot, but as anyone who has worn glasses before will tell you, its kind of a dick move. Human skin is greasy, even more so when you have spent the last four to six hours dancing and grinding on people in a smoke filled room. Grease, coincidentally does not come off glasses all that easily.

Speaking of grease, here is a funny picture I took before the strip club adventure began.
File this one under found porn.

What is the purpose of a blog? What is the purpose of YOUR blog?

With my previous work on blog's it was always very focused. A warcraft II strategy site. A World of Warcraft gaming site. It was very easy to come up with topics that my readership would enjoy or at least find interesting(at the very least, relevant.) Having that niche made it very easy to know what articles would drive traffic to the site and what would get comments. Every patch, a spec article would generate tons of hits from google. With this blog things are a bit different.

It is a good thing and a bad thing. One of the reason's I started it was I felt a bit too pigeon holed into what I had to write about. This blog gives me and others the opportunity to post about whatever happens to be on our minds. The downside of this is the fact that there is no built in readership. I am struggling to find an identity for this site. I have written and deleted a few articles because I didn't think they fit the cloudy vision I had in my mind for what I wanted this place to be. It's interesting, I don't blog for hits, I blog because I enjoy writing. Lets face it though, there is something gratifying in knowing people read what you had to say. When I was doing my gaming blogging I got so many ideas from comments and other gaming blogs. That sense of community, of shared interests is lacking a bit, hopefully it comes in time =)

This week's asshat poll is simple. Have you ever been to a strip club?


thedoctor said...

Drew Carey



Fish said...

Your fiance is going to have glitter and crap on her glasses for life. May as well get new ones, seriously.

I had a friend (female but not a stripper) who used to wear that glitter crap, everytime we hung out, I look like I got mugged by tinkerbell.

I also once got a lapdance once, the stripper had her obscenely high heeled feet on a ledge on either side of the couch, shaking her ass in my face. Next thing I know, she slips, falls, and I get a face full of stripper muff. Needless to say, that is kind of the opposite of being called Drew Carey lol