Sunday, August 9, 2009

UFC 101 Recap

Griffen vs Silva

WOW. Did I underestimate Silva or what? It was an insane display of dominance. Anderson Silva is the like the goddamn Matrix. The whole fight reminded me of the scene in The Matrix where Neo (Forrest Griffen) is being tested by Morpheus (Silva) for the first time after learning "kung fu"

"stop trying to hit me, and HIT me"

Forrest had nothing for Silva. Everything Forrest threw just missed the mark. Silva moved JUST enough not to get hit. At one point he put his hands down and just stands there and uses head movement to dodge a flurry from Griffen. Reminded me of Neo dodging bullets.

"you move like they do"

I will have to be honest, my first thought was WTF?!?! Did Forrest throw the fight? Good thing I DVR'ed the card. So I decide to go back and watch it. I was even more appreciative of it the second time. Anderson Silva and GSP needs to happen to determine the pound for pound king. Who is Fedor?

Penn vs Florian

Penn vs Florian went down much the way I expected it to. Kenny tried to exchange on the feet, got rocked, and would then run or try to take BJ down. The first three rounds were basically Florian desperately trying to take BJ down and wear him out.

BJ Penn seemed like he really went out to shut the haters up. People knock his cardio, but when it came down to round four BJ really took control. His first take down attempt he lands it and turns it into the end of the fight. Those elbows from half guard were short but mean. Kenny had a HUGE welt on his face, I wouldn't be surprised if that were a broken orbital bone. The finish of this fight was impressive as well. After getting mount and dropping some ground and pound, Ken-Flo wilts visibly and gives BJ his back gift wrapped with a nice bow. A rear naked choke is not that easy to sink in if the other person is defending it. Kenny was defending it well, two hands on one. Until BJ starts dropping heel kicks into his liver, after four or five of those Kenny drops one hand to defend and immediately gets choked out.

Kenny Florian literally pissed his pants!

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Fish said...

I know you like GSP, but he can't fight at 185, and he can't beat Silva. You're basically asking a true welterweight to fight a light heavyweight and a good one. Dana White is too smart to put GSP in the ring with silva and see him get embarassed. Thirty-five lbs is a lot of difference, especially for someone who has clear knockout power in the light heavyweight division.

I think that fight ended any discussion that anyone other than Anderson Silva is the best pound for pound fighter.