Saturday, August 1, 2009

Honeymoon thoughts

When I bring up the fact that I am getting married soon, a lot of people respond with "Are you freaking out?"

Not really, why would I? If I was freaked out by it I don't think I would be getting married. In fact if you are excessively freaking out months ahead of time about your wedding and marriage, maybe its not the right time for you.
I will clarify that. If you are freaking out at the prospect of spending the rest of your life with the person, or even with any one person, then its probably not the right time for you.
If you are freaking over trying to plan a massive event for your friends and family, that I can understand.

I guess its easy enough for me to say I am not freaking out. I have very few responsibilities for getting the wedding planned. My main responsibility is the honeymoon, and that I do freak out about a bit.

I mean this honeymoon will cost more than my last four vacations combined.

There seems to be a few main things to decide. The one I am struggling with is length of stay, and with that, niceness of hotel. The options are between staying four nights at a top of the line resort with over the top service and anemities, or downgrading the resort a bit and staying five to seven nights.

I have gotten a lot of input from people and there really is no consensus. Some people think 7 nights would be to long, Some think 4 would be to short.

At first I just wanted to stay in the nicest place possible and who cares if it was only four nights. Lately I have been leaning towards a 5 or 6 night stay. Realistically we are going to do a lot of drinking and laying on a beach. How nice does the hotel have to be to do that? Then again, after four days in the sun and four nights of partying we will be so drained the last few days would just be spent in recovery.

We are definitely looking for all inclusive. I really like the idea of not having to pay for anything while I am down there. There are just so many options. You don't want to end up down there in some shitty hotel where all inclusive to them means you get a continental breakfast.

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Fish said...

Personally, I would lean towards the 5-6 nights in between. While a nice place is a good idea, I'd try to figure out what you want that is nice. I was looking at various honeymoon locations, semi settled on either Cancun or Puerto Rico. If you're going to be spending a lot of time on the beach, try to find a place that is reasonable that has a really nice beach. I'd read plenty of reviews. My really good friends went to Jamaica, said their resort was horrible. I generally have found Orbitz to have the best prices online and TripAdvisor to be a pretty good site as far as user reviews go. Hope that helps, best of luck!