Thursday, July 30, 2009

Red Light Cameras

Everyone hates these things. They do not decrease accidents at the intersections they are placed at, and they can't actually prove it was you driving the car. They do however make a lot of money for your local government.

Apparently the cameras they use are quite expensive, and as it turns out, easy to remove.

case in point:
The New York Police Department said two people have been arrested for using a cherry-picker to steal nearly 20 percent of the city's red light cameras.

Investigators said Anthony Cintorrino, 45, and Tara LaBurt, 29, used a pickup truck with a cherry-picker to steal the cameras between June 24 and the time of their arrests Sunday, the New York Post reported Wednesday.

Police said couple were arrested for allegedly selling an estimated $88,000 worth of parts from the cameras to a camera resale shop for $300 each to help finance their heroin addictions.


Thats right. Fight the power!

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