Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

It's true, more true than I ever thought. In my mind, people had preferences for different features, but overall beauty was probably something ingrained in us by society, or even genetics. (there have been scientific studies where infants are shown to be drawn to attractive people more than unattractive people)

The other day though I had a conversation that changed my ideas forever. It all started with the always fun hottest chick conversation. We are at work playing the name your top 3 hottest celebrity variation of this game. Most of the time when this conversation comes up everyone has different names, much googling (or binging seeing as google is blocked at my workplace) follows and everyone agrees that while their choices don't match up, all the ladies are super hot and it pretty much comes down to preference. Not often does a name come out where people are just like "no way, not hot whatsoever"
In fact, in the 12 years that I have been taking part in this male ritual of discussing hot women we all have no chance with, I have never come across someones suggestion that was so universally shot down. I have taken parts in some heated debates on this subject (a particular favorite of mine: Gwen Stefani NOT HOT!)
Normally what happens is the one or two people who do not find the person in question hot get ganged up on by the group. The group routinely overrules the dissenter saying while she may not be his choice, the subject is in fact hot and the conversation continues.
By now you have to be wondering, "Who was the person so utterly not hot that the group had to go against tradition"

I give you Exhibit A; Kirsti Alley

Not only was she in this guys top 3, she was number one!
After much shock, disbelief, and some unflattering pictures of Kirstie Alley, we managed to get him to assign a number rating of 7 on the 1 to 10 scale. Which while a little high, it is not so terribly insane that we had to call him out. This guy though, would not leave it alone. Later in this conversation after he has been ridiculed into silence, we are discussing the lovely Olvia Munn (Exhibit B).

This is the time when Kirsti's Fanboi decides to chime back into the conversation to drop the bomb that Kirsti Alley is more attractive than Olvia Munn!?!?!

This brings us to our first ever "Asshat Poll of the Week" please vote on the right side of the page.

Who is Hotter Olvia Munn or Kirsti Alley?


thedoctor said...

Krisit Alley? WTF is that guy smoking, cause I want some. I think I would prefer an apple pie to her ass lol.

Potts said...

Well maybe a 7 in Illinois... LOL

TimC said...

Well I think that Kirsti Alley looks a lot better in the first pic, but Olvia Munn comes into the scene and it's not a contest any more haha... just my thought on it. :)