Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Every story has a beginning

It's my 16th Birthday today and I decided to write a blog. Why would you be interested in what a 16 year old says? I have had a very interesting life, I have been through more adversity and accomplished more than most "adults". I twice survived early-stage pediatric leukemia. I was first diagnosed when I was two and the cancer returned again when i was 6. It has been 10 years and what a 10 years it has been. I got a perfect score on the SAT at the age of six. I completed high school in nine weeks, graduated from Princeton University at age 10, and finished medical school four years later. At age 14, I became the youngest licensed doctor in the country.

OK, that's not true. I am not Doogie Howser.

However, I am the author of this blog. I will be bringing you the most accurate and informative insight into our world on the blog-o-sphere.

(debate ensues in my head)
Me: well that is a pretty lofty goal you have there. Accurate AND informative insight?
Me2: I can be insightful!
Me: Just saying, that is asking for a lot. Major news networks with billions of dollars in funding can't manage to be accurate or insightful, and the information is sketchy at best.
Me2: good point. Lets scale it back a bit
Me: how bout we throw professional in there, it doesn't actually mean anything other than you get paid to do what you do, but it makes you sound more authoritative.
Me2: but I don't get paid to do this...
Me: you are an asshat.
Me2: I think you are on to something there.

Welcome to Lincoln Freed the Slaves: Home of Semi-professional Asshattery since 2009

Read it you shall, much wisdom your way will come.

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