Thursday, July 9, 2009

UFC 100, New Mating Info, History is bullshit

UFC 100
Being the avid MMA fan that I am I would be skirting my responsibility of being a fight fan to not mention it. UFC 100, while not the 100th UFC is a milestone of sorts and an incredible fight card in its own right. I will spare you the breakdown (as professionals have already done that)

Instead I will give you a few things I am looking forward to in the card and my picks.

Lesner V Mir Since I started watching the UFC one of the things that really drew me to it was the fact that the most athletic guy is not always the winner. Size, Strength, Speed, while needed, were always secondary in my mind to skill. I have seen little guys knock out big guys, and sculpted hard bodies run out of gas against beer bellys. Lesner is starting to change that for me. You cannot argue that his physical attributes contribute greatly to his success. I am looking forward to seeing if Mir can out skill those advantages, and if Lesner can use all his physical tools to be a complete fighter.
My Pick: Lesner by donkey kong

GSP V Alves GSP has always been the freak bully of the welter weight division. He weighs in at 170 but by fight time is often 190. He does have the skills needed to dominate but it will be interesting to see if he can do it against someone even more freakish than him. Weighing in at 170 Alves tips the scales at fight time around 200 pounds.
My Pick: GSP pulls it out, but if I were a betting man Alves would get the money laid on him (good value at the odds)

Henderson V Bisbing I used to like Bisbing. Then I watched the TUF season he coached, and man is that guy a douche. I hope to see Henderson re-arrange his face.
My Pick: Henderson by wtfpwnage

This will increase your chances to mate...
Well maybe not, but the idea that women are more choosy when it comes to partners has been around a long time. A recent study conducted by Northwestern University shows that this may not be the case.

In a new study from Northwestern University, 350 college-age men and women attended speed-dating events. In half of the games of romantical chairs, the guys went from girl to girl; in the other half, the girls went from guy to guy. Each pair got four minutes to chat, after which they evaluated their interest in each other. When it came to the events where men worked the room, everyone performed just as expected: The men were less selective than the women. But when the usual speed-dating routine was turned on its head and the women made the rounds, the guys were more selective and the ladies were less picky.

What does this mean for your mating success? Let them come to you. Maybe the reason for all the rejection comes not from your horrible appearance and personality, but from the fact that you are actually coming up to them.
This will no doubt be picked up by Mystery to aid in teaching helpless men to attract women.

History Is Bullshit and I have a link to prove it.
A book review about a book that goes into the idea that history isn't always as we taught it. Reminds me of an HBO Special I once saw that extensively used the quote "When the legend becomes fact... print the legend"

It's interesting to me how time can distort all things. Maybe Bush Jr will go down as the greatest president ever one day.

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