Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Ultimate Fighter, Stranger Fetish- Furries/Adult Baby

The Ultimate fighter... no not the TV show
Our buddy Fish over at Fish on Fighting had a post about the qualities the "ultimate fighter" would posses. I like his list and agree with a lot of what he said. Someone at The Examiner did a write up on the same thing Creating the perfect mixed martial artist

In my mind there are really two things that separate the champs from the chumps. heart and strategy. You need to have good striking and good grappling along with a host of other physical talents. That is a given. The mental game is really where most fights are won and lost.

To me fighting starts and ends with one thing. Heart. Skills and Athleticism can only carry you so far. In a lot of fights there comes a point where nothing seems to be going a fighters way. Some persevere and come out champions, others give up.
A good example of this in a somewhat recent fight is Randy Couture vs Gabriel Gonzaga. This highlights the difference between someone without heart and someone with that will to win. On paper this was a great fight. the first minute and a half is a battle. Couture bloodies up Gonzagas face about 2 minutes in and Gonzaga just wilts. Gonzaga is one of those guys that seems like whenever things aren't going well for him he just gives up. Realistically I don't think Couture is a technically superior fighter. However, he has the heart, will, and determination of a champion. A less well known fighter to more recent fans that personified heart was Evan tanner. His fight with Rich Franklin (the first one I think)showed that it takes a special kind of person to absorb that ass kicking and prevail in the end.

The second thing I think that some fighters have that puts them on another level is strategy. Too many times you see these fighters that have the skills necessary to win, and don't use them in an intelligent manner. The two biggest offenders of this that I can think of are Jorge Gurgel and Matt Serra. Both of these guys are well known BJJ black belts, and yet when you see them fight, they never take it to the ground, they never attempt submissions, for the most part these guys choose to brawl even when facing a noted striker. One of my favorite fighters, Nick Diaz, is guilty of this. Nick is a slick BJJ practitioner and yet he often chooses to stand and bang. It could be an ego thing. I hear a lot of fighters talk about how they like to beat someone at their own game. Who knows?
The best in the business at the execution of a fight plan and taking advantage of his strengths is GSP. His comments after the second fight with BJ kind of blew my mind. There are a lot of fighters with GSP's well rounded skill-set, but no one takes advantage of their opponents weaknesses better.

Stranger Fetish- Furries/Adult Baby

On an entirely unrelated note; This week at work we have been having an ongoing conversation about strange fetishes. Now for the most part I try not to judge people on what gets them off, but some shit is just crazy.

Up for your vote this week we have the in the red corner, Furries.

Dressing up as cute animals and "boinking" would have to be pretty high up the list of weird shit to get into. To quote wikipedia "About 2% state an interest in zoophilia, and less than 1% an interest in plushophilia." Well I guess thats good...

In the Blue corner, we have not pedophiles, but Adult Babies!

Defined by wikipedia as "Paraphilic infantilism is a paraphilia characterized by the desire to wear diapers and/or be treated as an infant or toddler. One who engages in infantilistic play is known as an adult baby (AB). About one in three adult babies is also a diaper lover (DL),so they are collectively known as AB/DLs. The majority of infantilists are heterosexual males."

Which brings us to the Asshat poll of the week: Which is a more fucked up fetish, Furries or Adult Babys?


TimC said...

Wow... adult babies... what the... GROW UP!! I agree that woman needs some help... doesn't turn me on at all lol

thedoctor said...



Fish said...

I can comment now, yay! I stole your idea (well, sort of continued it) I think you're spot on. Heart is what makes champions.

And although both are messed up, if you have to pick between furries or babies. . .well, furries all the way. . .

MM said...

remember that mouse from chip n' dale rescue rangers? gidget or gadget or whatever the fuck her name was? i'd fuck the beejesus out of her. that little bitch had perky little mouse tits and a great little mouse ass. if that makes me a "furry fetish" person, well then excuse the shit out of me.

that old bitch squirrel from animaniacs seemed like she needed some dick too. call me crazy.

Anonymous said...

Im a Babyfur, but thanks for the insult.
Nothing about us has to do with children, animals, or pedo acts.

We dont do anything sexual to others, we just like acting like them.
No we dont run around in a fur suit or diapers, I wouldnt touch a fur suit for that matter.

Honestly, thats what conventions are, acting like who you want to be. So you guys can go troll 4 chan and be nice and cool.

But at least I express myself.

lamiss ibrahim said...