Thursday, July 16, 2009


What happens when you are drunk, in Las Vegas, and just saw 5 dudes get there asses kicked at UFC 91??

If you are that guy in the video, you think that you soaked up the pro fighters abilities and magically turn into a bad ass prepared to take on the WORLD! By the world, I mean a raging whore that was probably popping off at the mouth.

This dude definitely thought he was a bad-ass. I mean he is wearing a GSP Affliction shirt ok? Obviously this dude is not to be messed with people!

LMAO, poor bastard must of realized that this is a bad time and place to test those newly soaked up skills he learned from Brock Lesnar because that security guard pwned his ass. He was NOT prepared...he should feel shame.

Was the security guard's technique the best? No, but it doesn't matter when you can toss someone like a ragdoll into cement stairs lol.


On a Side Note

10 votes so far on the who is hotter poll. Wow! That is alot IMO for a blog that is only a couple weeks old. I'm telling you guys, this blog is going to blow up! There is no other blog that can bring you stories about MMA, Movies, Crazy Rednecks, Fantasy Football, Hot bitches Females, and overall wild and funny shit like we can.

Thanks for reading and I shall see you next week

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